MODX Meetup Belgrade

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Sinisa Vrhovac

Sinisa Vrhovac

Sterc Online Agency

Hans Pol

Hans Pol

Sterc Online Agency

MODX Belgrade schedule (draft)



Doors are open. Enjoy some drinks & snacks


Introduction by Hans Pol & Sinisa Vrhovac


Gerhard de Vries on standardised MODX based websites and webshops by Heibel


Dmitry Redkin will tell how to build 15 webshops in just 6 months with only 2 people


Miomir Dančević on unleashing the Power of MODX with Angular through RESTful APIs


Pause for drinks


Vasiliy Naumkin on a new type of modern MODX Extras


Steffan Blockx on 20 websites within one MODX installation


Gauke Pieter Sietzema on working and hiring remotely in the international MODX community


Closing, drinks, and shared dinner*

* The shared dinner is optional and not included in the ticket price. Contact Sterc for more information.

  • Latest insights on MODX

  • International community

  • For content managers

  • For developers

The talks

Hans Pol Sterc

How to build your client base with standardised MODX websites and webshops.

With Heibel we've broken the cycles of customization and, as a result, nowadays we keep 400 customers happy with a small team. The dream? To grow even further and spread the MODX gospel to even more business owners. We'd love to show you how we got here and how we do it today. 

- Gerhard de Vries (Heibel)

MODX on steroids... 15 webshops in just 6 months

Launching 15 webshops in one huge e-commerce project in just 6 months with only 2 people? With MODX you can! Dmitry will give some tips & tricks and will tell us how to do it fast, but with powerful functionality. Besides this he will showcase an async data transfer application with Kafka, Slim, 1C:Enterprise ERP and MODX to sync more than 10.000 items.

- Dmitry Redkin

Miomir Dančević AVS Solutions

Connecting Worlds: Unleashing the Power of MODX with Angular through RESTful APIs

Unlock the power of MODX with RESTful APIs! Join us as we delve into the world of RESTful APIs in MODX, focusing on their integration with Angular to create robust web applications. We will cover the fundamentals of REST, demonstrate how to set up RESTful endpoints in MODX, and showcase how Angular can consume these APIs to build dynamic user interfaces. Discover how RESTful APIs can elevate your development experience.

- Miomir Dančević (AVS Solutions)

New type of Modern MODX extras

If you want to be using cutting edge PHP features and a modern workflow - you are now also able to do that within the MODX ecosystem. Vasily a.k.a. 'bezumkin' will teach of a new way of creating Composer-only extras for MODX 3! And, by the way: horrible dependencies collisions deep in the system core are now history.

- Vasiliy Naumkin (Pixmill)

20 websites within one MODX installation!

Contexts in MODX are often used for multilingual websites, but it's also possible to use these contexts to manage multiple websites in one backend (of course it is!). We'll give you a brief look at how we set up MODX to manage 20 websites, each with its own content, but also with the ability to share content. Sounds easy enough, but there were still a few hurdles to overcome. We'll show you how we (ab)used MODX for this and managed to set up most of the functionality with the standard extras available.

- Steffan Blockx (culd.)

Gauke Pieter Sietzema Sterc

MODX Nomads - How to work and wander globally!

Tired of searching for remote jobs and reliable colleagues? Look no further! Since 2005, Sterc has been seamlessly serving clients worldwide. Our journey began at MODX events in Munich and Minsk back in 2015, kickstarting our collaboration with international colleagues. Say goodbye to outsourcing and hello to a team of dedicated full-time remote workers – true digital nomads. Join Gauke Pieter 'GP' Sietzema as he shares insights from our decade-long journey and unveils our exciting plans for the future.

- Gauke Pieter Sietzema (Sterc Online Agency)

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We found an amazing venue

In the heart of the capital city of Serbia, we found Joy5. This venue is literally on the river and offers great views of the city.

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The event is capped at 50 seats; secure your tickets now. Thanks to the participants and sponsors, we can successfully organise this event and share knowledge with like-minded individuals.

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