Discover Belgrade

There are plenty of things to do in the great city of Belgrade. We've asked our local MODX enthusiast Sinisa Vrhovac for suggestions and travel tips. Let's dive in!

Exciting highlights

Don't know what to expect? We've got you! With these awesome highlights, we can't wait to explore Belgrade:

The Kalemegdan: The Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park surrounding it, covers 60 hectares and includes buildings, archeological sites, and cultural and historical monuments of inestimable national importance.

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The Victor monument: Placed on the highest spot of the Belgrade Fortress, this symbol of Belgrade honours the victory of the Serbian army in the Balkan wars.

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The Avala Tower: With a height of 204.68 meters, this telecommunications facility gives you beautiful views over the city of Belgrade.

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The Church of Saint Sava:  From whichever direction you approach the capital of Serbia, you won't be able to miss this grand building. Its 50 bells announce noun and its beautiful appearance makes it a beautiful highlight of the city.

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The Gardos Tower: The Millennium Tower on Gardoš Hill, located in the central part of the oldest preserved fortress from the 14th century, offers a viewpoint from which you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city. We also recommend a walk along the Zemun promenade while you're there.

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The Republic Square: This main meeting place in Belgrade is surrounded by historical buildings: National Theatre built emulating La Scala in Milan, Riunione Palace housing Boško Buha Theatre and the National Museum.

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The Skadarlija: Feel the historical atmosphere and escape the hustle and bustle of busy Belgrade. Here, you'll find all kinds of hotspots. From cozy boutiques to great terraces and restaurants.

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Some specialties to try

Once you've experienced Belgrade through its highlights, it's time to taste its diverse cuisine. Below, you can find some great spots to try it out:

  • Walter: This restaurant offers traditional-style food. Check it out
  • Mala Kolubara: This restaurant features exclusively Serbian traditional cuisine, local wines, and brandies. Learn more
  • Burek & Pite: Enjoy some delicious burek and pite at this bakery! Discover it
  • Crna Ovca: We're always ready for dessert! You too? Enjoy some delicious ice cream at one of its locations in Belgrade. Learn more
  • Sveze pecenje: Pig on a spit? We've got it! Check it out

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