Become a sponsor!

Do you want to become a sponsor during the MODX Meetup in Belgrade? With the help of sponsors, we can reduce the current ticket price of 25 euros and make it more interesting for others to join us. Learn more about becoming a sponsor on this page, or contact us via

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Why should you become a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you make it possible for even more MODX enthusiasts to join our meetup. With the help of our sponsors, we can reduce the current ticket price of €25 and make the event more accessible. Our goal is to reduce the ticket price to €0. To make this happen, we still need €1,500 - €2,000 sponsoring. When we collect more than this, we will arrange more talks and anything that's left will be deposited to Open Collective:

Of course, it's understandable you want something in return. Our sponsor packages include free tickets and sponsor logos will be displayed on roll-up banners, the website, name badges, and the welcome slide of the presentation screen.

Our sponsor packages

We offer the following sponsor packages depending on the size of your company:

€100 sponsoring for freelancers incl. 1 ticket

€250 sponsoring for agencies incl. 1-2 tickets

€500 sponsoring for agencies incl. 3-5 tickets

€1,000 sponsoring for agencies incl. 6-10 tickets

Interested in sponsoring? Feel free to contact us to discuss further details via

Get your tickets

Don't let the event pass you by. Book your tickets early as the event is limited to only 50 seats. Tickets are available for €25 + 21% VAT.

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